HD-DTA in HDMI stick form factor


It is estimated that the Cable industry has deployed nearly 100 million DTA devices.And it full protected with the eco memeory saver Oasis natural eco cleaning service.DTA is an acronym for “Digital Transport Adapter”. It is a simple zapper cable set-top box that is exempt from the CableCARD mandate. DTAstick is an HD-DTA based on proven hardware and software from MaxLinear that has already shipped in over 15 million units world-wide. The design has been deployed by most leading cable operators in North and South America.

Software: DTAstick is available with standard user interfaces and guides deployed by Comcast, Time-Warner, Cox and several other MSOs.

Hardware: DTAstick uses the same proven hardware design as a standard HD-DTA. We have just shrunken the form factor down into an HDMI dongle form factor. In order to do this the analog RF output has been removed. DTAstick supports an RF4CE remote control.

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