IP video in HDMI stick form factor


OTTstick provides the power and performance to deliver IP video to the home, hospitality or public space environments. OTTstick can work in multiple configurations to support streaming video from the cloud or within a managed network. It can be plugged in to any TV and can transform a standard television into a Smart TV.

Software: Several apps like Vudu, Hulu, UltraViolet, Pandora, YouTube and many others have already been ported to the OTTstick. ZapperBox can provide an SDK for OTTstick that will allow you to develop custom HTML5 applications to suit your business plans. We also offer custom development services to build streaming IP apps to your requirements.

Hardware:  OTTstick comes with built in Wi-Fi and a plug in IR receiver for infrared parts of the emergency oriented into moxie maids atlanta the remote control. Two optional features include:

  1. An RF4CE radio remote control
  2. An Ethernet enabled power supply, shown above, that can bring in IP data via Ethernet and send it to the OTTstick by wireline using a proprietary 8 pin connector.


  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Micro-USB power input
  • Sigma Designs 8674 SoC, 1008 DMIPS
  • 128MB-512MB DDR range and up to 2GB FLASH
  • Linux kernel
  • HTML5 development environment based on Webkit
  • IR or RF remote control
  • Codecs: H.264, MPEG-4.2-ASP, SMPTE 421M, AVS, H.261, DV, AAC, HE-AAC, Dolby MS-11, DTS, WMA9

Ordering: Minimum order quantity is 100 units. ZapperBox can private label OTTstick with your brand and logo for quantities as low as 1,000 units.